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GANG or Lone-Wolf, Strategy Rules

Form a formidable team or go it solo in our high octane,
high stakes lobbies for PVP and PVE powered by GTD Risk SDK & Unity

GTD’s Wager System

Heralding the end of P2E
a new dawn Play-to-Win

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Be part of the world of Degens

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Grand Theft Degens


GTD’s Character Loudouts & Skins give our players a way to personalize their in-game persona.
Acquire weapon skins of different rarities ranging from Uncommon, Common, Rare, Legendary and God Mode using the $GTD Token.

Customize Your Outfit

Customize your character in GTD with cool skins and tons of outfit options.
Change up shirts, pants, shoes, and even skin color.
Grab free skins or unlock exclusive ones with $GTD tokens.
These special skins aren't just for show – they're 3D models in-game.

Future updates will bring even more gear like chains, backpacks, hats, and
even your very own customizable gang tattoos.

Stay tuned for more!

Non Lethal Lobbies

Try out the Non Lethal Lobbies in GTD!

The perfect chill spot. No combat, just cool vibes. Hang out, chat,
and trade with other players in a cozy environment.

It's like a HUB, but way cooler. Enjoy features like a skatepark and more.
Just relax, make friends, and have fun. It's all about good times
and good company here.

Coming soon!

Grand Theft Degens

Ushering in a new mechanic,
GTD’s Wager System

GTD’s first of its kind gaming Wager System provides players with the ability to claim GTD tokens from defeated opponents. Introducing a new synergy between GambleFi and GameFi

GTD's Wager System: We have created our very own Wager System, allowing players to claim $GTD tokens from defeated opponents.

Emotion Based Drivers: We have created our very own Wager System, allowing The stakes are high, and emotions run deep as players put their $GTD on the line.

Intrinsic Utility: Dynamic percentages are deductible from wager commits and victories which will be periodically pooled and go to a staking pool for GTD (funding it’s APY)

Assured Demand: Our custom-built, on-chain marketplace will use $GTD as its currency.
We also dynamically adjust registration, game mode participation and cosmetic item pricing to ensure continual demand for $GTD, fostering a fun and rewarding play-to-win environment.

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$GTD is the native token of the Grand Theft Degen’s ecosystem. It is a core component of players providing wagers as part of a Gang or Individually in our high octane game modes. Whilst also providing an assured foundation for our marketplace, cosmetics and reward pools. Finite Supply, Endless Utility - A Gaming Token that will set a new narrative.

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Patch Notes

Beta Release!


Hey there, fellow gamers! Get ready to dive into the action-packed world of our latest release. We're thrilled to introduce you to this exciting game, which kicks off with three awesome maps that'll keep you hooked.

But that's not all, bro! We've got a free-for-all shooting gamemode that'll test your skills and keep the adrenaline pumping. And if you're all about personalization, you'll love the character customization options we've got in store for you.

But here's the really exciting part: our developers have big plans, including creating a marketplace where you can score some epic in-game goodies (NFT’s).

So, what are you waiting for, bro? Join us in this gaming adventure and let's make some epic memories together!